In the Courts


You Could Be a Judge!

What’s it like to be a judge? Is it really all about wearing a black robe, or is there more to it than that? (You probably already know the answer.)

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Criminal and Civil Cases

There are two major types of court cases: criminal and civil.

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  1. Explain what a criminal case is.
  2. Explain what a civil case is.
  3. As the judge, what is your job in a civil case?
What Happens Before Trial?

If you’ve ever watched a fictional trial on TV, the part you probably didn’t see was all the preparation the judge has to do beforehand. (It’s pretty boring to watch someone read.)

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What Happens at the Trial

Trials that happen on television shows are usually more exciting than trials in real life, but they give you a pretty good idea of what happens in a trial. But television is about entertainment, so you don’t get the nuts and bolts of everyone’s role in the courtroom. What is the judge really doing up there?

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After the Trial

At the end of a trial, a decision has to be made.

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Appealing a Trial Court Decision

The trial court isn’t the last stop for the judicial branch train.

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Appealing to the Supreme Court!

One court in the United States has the final say. Do you know which court it is? (Hint: It’s the Supreme Court.)

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